Eachwin Capital was founded on the belief that exceptional corporate boards and executive teams drive persistent, above-average operating and financial performance, and generate outsized investment returns over time.

Eachwin was originally created in 2010 to formally test this hypothesis. During 2011, we completed a rigorous prototype of the investment process that proved successful, and in 2012 we assembled a team to commercialize our approach.

We were sponsored by an outstanding group of operating executives and investment thought leaders who contributed working capital for the business and a portion of the seed capital for our investment partnership.

In July 2013, we launched our initial strategy, a concentrated portfolio of U.S. public equity securities. In 2014, we launched a second more diversified strategy called the BOLT portfolio (for Balanced Outstanding Leadership Teams).

Over the ensuing years, the firm attracted a strong group of institutional and individual clients, and reviewed the strategy with a broad array of endowments, foundations, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, outsourced CIO’s, and family offices.

In late 2016, we elected to close to outside investors. We are proud to have generated positive returns for each and every client of the firm, regardless of when they made their original investment.

Legacy Team