Mayree Clark

Mayree Clark is an experienced independent director who works with both public and private companies.

She began her career with Morgan Stanley in Investment Banking (M&A, capital markets, and real estate).  She was a deputy to the CEO and Management Committee for two years.  She ran Equity Research and built it into a global leader in the field.  Later she joined the Individual Investor division to lead its high-net-worth business and international activities. She was a member of the Institutional Securities Group Management Committee, the Investment Banking and Equity Division Operating Committees, and the Equity Commitments Committee.  She also served as Chair of MSCI, then a joint venture between Morgan Stanley and the Capital Group.

After more than 20 years at Morgan Stanley Mayree joined the buyside to work with AEA/Aetos (private equity, real estate, hedge funds), and then founded Eachwin Capital, a public equities manager.

Mayree served as a director of the Stanford Management Company (the University’s endowment) for eight years and was a member of the Executive Committee.

During the financial crisis Mayree was tapped to join the Board of Ally Financial (then GMAC) when it was rescued by the US Treasury.  The company has since been transformed to become the largest digital bank in the US.  Mayree has served on the Audit Committee for twelve years, chaired the Risk Committee for nine years, and remains a member of both.

Mayree also serves as a member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank AG (the German parent). She was recruited to the board in 2018, during a period of corporate turbulence. She has chaired the Risk Committee and been a member of the Strategy Committee since she joined the Board.  In July 2020 she was named Chair of the Nomination Committee.

In 2017 she joined the board of Taubman, owner of upscale malls in the US, China and Korea.  She chaired its Compensation Committee and was a member of the Nomination and Governance Committee, as well as the Special Committee that dealt with its sale to Simon Properties in late 2020.

She has served as an independent director on the boards of two private equity sponsored companies: Regulatory Data Corp. (sold to Moody’s) and 7Park Data (sold to Apptio).

She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is Chair of the Tricycle Foundation.  She co-founded Stanford Women on Boards in 2009, and currently serves as Co-Chair of its Membership Committee.

Mayree grew up in Oklahoma.  She earned her undergraduate degree from USC and her MBA from Stanford.